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Perhaps stress and anxiety are stopping you from having the life you want, or you lack joy and fulfillment. Or you find yourself stuck in negative thinking, or don’t have a clear purpose you’re passionate about or lack confidence to make it a reality. Or perhaps life is okay, but you have a niggling feeling that there could be more. Maybe you want to make a difference but don’t know how.

You landed on this page for a reason. You’re ready to take action (even if you wonder if you are) and uplevel your life. Welcome!

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The #1 regret people have on their deathbeds is, “I wish I had the courage to live the life I really wanted.” You’re still alive. Take action so you don’t have this regret.






Meet Merna…

Starting at the age of 5, Merna had a sense of her life purpose as she conjured up all sorts of plans to make a difference in the lives of others. As an adult she was able to take action from creating a changemaker project in 36 Middle Eastern schools, creating a volunteer abroad program in South Africa, starting a fund at her home university that raised over $400K to help projects in 35 countries, sponsoring refugee families in Canada, starting a non-profit that built homes and created access to water in Africa, to being a peace activist in a conflict zone.

When Verge magazine featured Merna as a ‘Global Hero’, she admitted that she sees changemaking as her selfish work because she gets so much satisfaction knowing she has made an impact.

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Merna Schmidt


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