Workplace Wellbeing

Creating workplaces with happier, more engaged people with stronger mental health.

Instead of having the “Monday Blues”, people actually look forward to coming to work!

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Workplace stress
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Corporate wellness

People are your organization’s most important and valuable asset. Workplace wellness programs are not a nice extra but a strategic imperative and are not effectively addressed by simply a gym membership or office kitchen.

If you are tired of struggling in your business, nonprofit or organization to create a positive, supportive environment, and are ready to attract and retain engaged people then you are in the right place!

We offer impactful mental health programs, as well as employee volunteering and giving programs, to address an array of challenges, from burnout, stress, anxiety, and “quiet quitting”, to craving more purpose, fulfillment and difference making.






Meet Merna…

Starting at the age of 5, Merna had a sense of her life purpose as she conjured up all sorts of plans to make a difference in the lives of others. As an adult she was able to take action from creating a changemaker project in 36 Middle Eastern schools, creating a volunteer abroad program in South Africa, starting a fund at her home university that raised over $400K to help projects in 35 countries, sponsoring refugee families in Canada, starting a non-profit that built homes and created access to water in Africa, to being a peace activist in a conflict zone.

When Verge magazine featured Merna as a ‘Global Hero’, she admitted that she sees changemaking as her selfish work because she gets so much satisfaction knowing she has made an impact.

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Merna Schmidt


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