For any of Merna’s services, please contact her here.


Merna offers workshops, seminars and online courses on a variety of topics related to transformation and developing the inner resources to live a life you want.

If your workplace, school, organization, or group is interested, contact her for details of how she can best serve you.


If you need a speaker for your summit, conference, lunch ‘n learn, or class and want someone who can move your people, contact Merna. She has great experience as a speaker and can talk on a variety of  personal development and wellness topics, as well as changemaking topics.


It is increasingly imperative that workplaces support the mental health and wellbeing of their workers. An important way of doing this is by providing opportunities for development, learning, coaching, inspiration, connection, and purpose. Merna can help identify ways of doing this in your workplace or organization and create a plan that will meet your needs.


Perhaps you want ongoing support, feedback, motivation, and mentorship to deal with life’s challenges and have a life of peace, purpose, and fulfillment. Contact Merna to discuss further and although she most often works with groups, she is also open to individual coaching.