About Merna Schmidt

Merna Schmidt

“I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t really put into words on how appreciative I am for your time, space and guidance throughout everything. I know for a fact I am a more mindful and patient person.”

“Merna is awesome. I like the way she incorporated her real life examples to explain concepts. Loved her approach.”

“Very down to earth and passionate”

“She genuinely cares”

“Merna has a wonderful, uplifting, welcoming presence about her.”

“Merna went above and beyond the expectations”

With an extensive background in teaching psychology, counseling, and mental health coordination, as well as being a Certified Coach through Mindvalley, I understand the importance of holistic wellness.

In places of extreme poverty and/or incredibly tough situations I’ve seen a spirit of life that aren’t seen much elsewhere. They have an internal wealth that is expressed in joy and gratitude. They have stronger and more encompassing definitions of family and really live the concept of community. They also have incredible resilience.

The lessons I learned from them have greatly enhanced my impact in helping others strengthen their mental health and wellbeing.

Many are searching for more purpose, fulfillment, and want to make a difference. Workplace wellness is a major consideration with increasing numbers struggling with mental health, burnout, and disengagement.

Workplaces are perfect settings to create initiatives that make for happier and more engaged people.

A powerful initiative more and more workplaces are taking on, is creating employee volunteering and giving programs. From widespread lived experiences in this area, I have learned critical lessons. People have great intentions but sadly many projects create NEGATIVE outcomes. Even more are NEUTRAL – do not harm but do not help either. Then there are ones built on critical principles that bring crucial POSITIVE outcomes. It is imperative to learn these principles.

I have been fortunate to have been able to give passionate and effective talks at the United Nations Association of Canada, University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Minerva Senior Studies Institute, Rotary Clubs, and at various churches. As well I was a presenter at the ‘Dare to Care’ conference. I’ve also given seminars at universities as well as to staff at various schools.

On the personal side, I’m a world traveler with a passion of getting to know the locals and their customs. I am an animal-lover and somewhere between a vegetarian and a vegan. I also love music and played piano from a young age. Social justice is a strong value which has fueled many of my initiatives, including being a peace activist overseas during an Arab uprising.